Sprinkler Irrigation Pipes

About Product

Gouri Aqua Plast HDPE Sprinkler Systems are extruded using HDPE virgin raw material and are made as per IS-17425:2020. Sprinkler irrigation system is a relatively new method of irrigation where the water is pumped through pipelines and sprayed under pressure across the field using rotating devices called sprinklers. This method of irrigation resembles artificial rain. The rotation is achieved by the pressure of water flowing through the sprinklers itself. Gouri Aqua Plast manufactures HDPE pipe based sprinkler irrigation pipes available in Sizes 63mm & 75 mm OD in different pressure classes and sprinkler set accessories are available in 75mm size. The spray is developed by the flow of water under pressure through small orifices or nozzles. The pressure is usually obtained by pumping With careful selection of nozzle sizes, operating pressure and sprinkler spacing the amount of irrigation water required to refill the crop root zone can be applied nearly uniform at the rate to suit the infiltration rate of soil.

  • Available Sizes : 63 mm & 75 mm
  • Dimension : 2.5 kg & 3.2kg
  • Type : 'L'-clamp & 'c'- clamp
  • Colour : Black
  • Elimination of the channels for conveyance, therefore no conveyance loss
  • Suitable to all types of soil except heavy clay
  • Suitable for irrigating crops where the plant population per unit area is very high. It is most suitable for oil seeds and other cereal and vegetable crops
  • Water saving
  • Closer control of water application convenient for giving light and frequent irrigation and higher water application efficiency.
  • Mobility of system
  • Increase in yield
  • May also be used for undulating area
  • Saves land as no bunds etc. are required
  • Influences greater conducive micro-climate
A sprinkler is a device used to spray water. Sprinklers are used to water plants or grass, or to put out fires in buildings.
Agricultural -
  • Safety of crops and reduction of soil erosion.
  • Efficient use of water, fertilizers.
Industrial -
  • Checking of dust pollution in cement industries and mining pits.
Other -
  • Playground and golf course maintenance.
  • Land decor and beautification.
  • Fish rearing.