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Gouri Aqua plast PVC Flexible Garden Pipes are specially manufactured for gardening and water transportation. These Garden Pipes are available in sizes ranging from 15mm to 32mm. Our Garden Pipes are a perfect blend of technology and stringent quality check thus guaranteeing long and hassle free performance. This quality garden pipe is ideal for usage in the garden and construction purposes. These Garden Pipes are made of flexible PVC which makes them easy to bend. Its smooth inside bore and transparency ensures easy location of blockages, hence gives unobstructed flow.

  • Highly flexible in nature even at very low or high temperature
  • Smooth inside bore.
  • Chemical resistant
  • No oil secretion in summers.
  • Light Weight, Easy to handle, strong & economical
  • Long life & length
Braided Pipes

Gouri Aqua plast braided pipes are produced using meticulously selected yarn, braided & fused between the inner & outer layers thus offering better resistance to withstand higher working pressures without the problem of bursting. These braided pipes are available in sizes ranging from 15mm to 25mm. Nylon Braided Hose Pipe offered provides for suitable usage in high-pressure industrial applications and feature superior finish construction patterns which make these long lasting in usage. Further, these hose pipes are also light in weight as well as have superior compatibility oxidation and temperature changes. Made by reinforcement (Braiding) of synthetic yarn in between two or more layers of Soft PVC. The yarn is reinforced in crosswise as well as in longitudinal directions. This provides high pressure carrying capacity as well as good flexibility.

  • This Braided pipes More Flexible than Other Hoses.
  • They're More Durable.
  • They Can Handle Higher Pressures.
  • They Have a Wide Variety of Uses.
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LDPE Pipes

Gouri Aqua plast LDPE or lapeta pipe is the more economical alternative for water conveyance in remote areas. These lapeta Pipes are available in sizes ranging from 63mm to 110mm. lapeta pipe is the most popular irrigation pipe option because they are lightweight and conveniently help the farmer to convey water throughout their farm. Suitable in agricultural activities for water conveyance where the geographical area is rough or uneven. It is a superior quality of Lapeta Pipe. It is used by more than half a million farmers in India. Low Density Polyethylene Pipe also known as LDPE is the supply pipe that delivers water around an irrigation system from the water source to the sprinkler or as a feeder pipe for delivery to emitters or drip line. Gouri Aqua plast lapeta pipe is strong enough to withstand all weather conditions. It is resistant to all agricultural chemicals.

  • These are very light, so handling is very easy and safe.
  • Ease of connecting and repairing. Polyethylene is strong, extremely rigid and very durable.
  • After immense research and development, we have developed water carrying pipe.
  • It can easily carry out without any hard work.
  • Sizes : 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1-1/4
  • Length : 20 Mtrs. & 30Mtr.
  • Available Colours : Mix