Eco Drainage Pipes

About Product

Aqua plast underground eco drainage pipes are specifically designed for underground non-pressure applications such as gravity drainage, sewer flow, and transportation of soil and waste discharge. These pipes can also be used for rainwater collection, discharge and gravity systems. These underground eco drainage pipes are available in sizes ranging from 110 mm to 200 mm in a standard length of 3 & 6 meters in Self-socketed and Ringfit variants. Selfit pipes are self-socketed and can be joined with the help of solvent cement; while Ringfit pipes need no threading or solvents for jointing and can withstand high pressures. Sewerage ringfit pipes are made with EPDM rubber rings that are long lasting and can withstand high pressures. For ease of jointing and to ensure better insertion, the use of Aqua plast rubber lubricant is recommended. Aqua plast Underground eco Drainage System carries soil, waste, rainwater, and industrial effluents from the building to roadside drain to sewers and waste treatment plants before reaching the point of final discharge.

  • Size : 110mm to 200mm
  • Length : 3 mtr & 6 mtr
  • Colour : Orange
  • Brand :AQUA PLAST
  • Specially designed for underground non-pressure applications
  • Manufactured from a special PVC-U compound with excellent mechanical properties
  • Immune to galvanic and electrolytic erosion and hence pipes and water remain unaffected - Lightweight, ensuring ease in handling and transportation
  • Smooth inner surface reducing frictional losses and scale formation
  • Corrosion and rust-proof
  • Sewerage pipes are non-reactive to most acids, alkalis, effluents, salt, minerals, etc
  • Joint do not get affected due to soil settlements.
  • Suitable for all types of soil. No concrete bedding in required.
  • Longer lengths of pipes and hence less number of joints
  • Hygienic and leak proof
  • Lower installation & maintenance cost as compared to conventional pipes
  • Excellent stiffness and impact resistance
  • Underground drainage usage
  • Transportation and discharge of industrial effluents
  • Drainage of surface water (storm water)
  • Sewer flow for transportation of soil and waste discharge of domestic origin