Drip Irrigation System

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Drip Irrigation System

"Water smarter, grow stronger yield with drip irrigation System of Gouri Aqua Plast."

Traditional watering methods waste water through evaporation and runoff. Drip irrigation efficiently delivers water straight to the roots, minimising waste by up to 50%. This translates to lower water bills and more sustainable practices.

By delivering water directly to the root zone, drip irrigation promotes deeper root growth, leading to healthier and more drought-resistant plants. It also reduces the risk of fungal diseases and allows for precise fertiliser application, maximising your harvest potential.

Drip irrigation systems are often automated, requiring less time and effort compared to traditional methods. This frees you up to focus on other aspects of your garden or farm, while your plants thrive.

Suitable for various terrains and crops, drip irrigation is a wise investment for any gardener or farmer. Grow vegetables, flowers, or even trees with this efficient and sustainable watering solution.

  • 70% Water Savings: Irrigate more with less.
  • 210% Yield Boost: Grow faster, healthier crops for higher returns.
  • 30% Fertiliser Efficiency: Reduce fertiliser, labour, and inter-culturing costs.
  • Direct Nutrient Delivery: Apply fertilisers and treatments directly to roots.
  • Versatile Cultivation: Use on uneven, saline, sandy, or hilly land.
  • Consistent Growth: Ensure healthy, reliable harvests.
  • Faster Maturation: Quicker returns on investment.
  • Reduces Water Waste: Minimise evaporation and runoff.
  • Material: PE 25 Food Grade meeting the requirement IS: 10146
  • Inline Drip System: Size : 12mm to 20mm | Category: B, Unregulated
  • Online Drip System: Size : 12mm to 32mm | Category: A, Unregulated, Laminar Flow, NPC (Non Pressure Compensating)
  • Color Available: 4 LPH - Black / 8 LPH - Blue / 14 LPH - Green
  • Vegetable gardens: Ideal for delivering water to individual plants with specific needs.
  • Flower beds: Ensures delicate flowers receive the right amount of moisture without damaging foliage.
  • Greenhouse and container plants: Provides precise watering control in controlled environments.
  • Landscaping: Efficiently irrigates trees, shrubs, and other ornamentals, reducing water waste in areas with limited water resources.
  • Slopes and uneven terrain: Drip irrigation effectively delivers water to plants on slopes, preventing water runoff and erosion.