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Aqa plast casing pipe

Aqua plast casing and ribbed screen pipes are manufactured using a special Lead Free PVC-U compound which makes them ideal for the transportation of hard, salty, sandy or chemically aggressive water. The blue casing pipes are used while installing submersible pumps and borewells. These pipes are colored blue which makes them easily distinguishable from the others Aqua plast Casing pipes provide protection to the water line from soil conditions. Blue casing pipes is plain or ribbed. They have transverse slots and are mainly used in borewells from the water level onwards. These Casing pipes are available in sizes ranging from 110 mm to 200 mm in different pressure classes. uPVC casing pipes are used as casing for bore-well which provides excellent protection even under the harshest of water conditions and hence provides extra safety to the Bore-Well. Aqua plast Casing pipes are available in screen or slotted types and are used for casing in ground-water percolation to allow water to enter inside the well.

  • Available Sizes : (cm)-35mm to 200mm | (cs)-35mm to 200mm | (RMS)-35mm to 200mm
  • Length : 3 Mtrs. | 5 Mtrs. | 6 Mtrs.
  • Available Colours : Blue | Grey
  • Brand :AQUA PLAST
The PVC Protector Casing have several advatages over conventional steel well casings.
  • Aqua plast Casing Pipes have trapezoidal threads which provide easy & stronger joints.
  • Offers high strength & durability.
  • Increased permeability due to continuous ribs, keeps gravel pack away from slot opening
  • Horizontal slots enable laminar flow into the bore well, reducing losses in the entrance of the bore well
  • Aqua plast blue casing pipes are non corrosive, ensures longer life cycle.
  • Excellent stiffness helps pipes withstand external hydraulic pressure
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Hydrostatic collapse pressure can be easily maintained through these pipes
  • Non-toxic in nature and so does not impart any taste, odour and colour
  • Non-conductive to electricity and can eliminate any electro chemical action
  • Light-weight; hence easy to handle and transport. Safe for potable water transportation.
  • Most economical in installation. Reduces power consumption in the long run.
  • Drinking Water supply and distribution.
  • Smooth bore ensures higher flow compared to G.I. pipeline.
  • Cost effective
  • Casing Pipes are used in Bore-well, especially where soil is highly collapsible, after drilling like sandy-loose soil and silt, and in Irrigation, Domestic, Industrial mining, Chemical Distribution.
  • Casing Pipes is almost inert to corrosion and chemical reaction. Hence, it can be used in salty, sandy and chemically aggressive water, without creating problems letter on.